A New Kind Of Freedom Questions

1.What convinced Johann to go to America?
What convinved Johann is that he had gotten 450 acres and it was alot of land for them to grow crops and have a bigger house to live in.

2.How did he feel about the decision later?
He felt glad that he made the decision because he got 450 acres and he coulld have more food to eat.There is also a water in the river there.

Mollys Dream Questions

1.Mollys dream was to have a live with her brother Willy in a house at the end of the small village in Gorwich with dog, ducks, and a pond outside there house.

2.what Molly needed to make her dream come true is to finish her indentured servent and live with her brother in the edge of the village Gorwich and have a pond, dog, and ducks.

BrainPop Why Do People Move?

People move because they are poor or there are more space in America, the Africans were forsed to be slaves. Another reason is because they may want better shelter sometimes.Sometimes people move because of jobs,like your job has to be in a diffrent country or state.Another reason i found out was that they move because there ancestors had live some where else so they also want to move.

Essential Questions

1. why do people move? People move , because they are poor and they want better shelter and food or they want to buy things like furniture,another reason is that maybe they want to try a different place to live not the same place.Another thing is that they want to have try speaking a different language.

2. what do we do when other people don't act,think, or speak the same way we do? Well I think people should translate the meaning of the language. When people don't act the same way I think it's because of the country or the state for example Americans eat different food then the Cantonese we eat dim-sum and they eat hamburgers and french fries.