Cultural Encounter Reflection

1. What was one thing you learned from the simulations we played in class? How did this help you understand the essential questions better?When the king(Mr.Daw) Asked us if we wanted to join his kingdom we all said"NO"Because we had to give him the supplies when he didn't have it.One thing I learned from people move because they have to get enough water,food,and shelter.This helped me understand the essential questions because I know that the people have to move and have great shelter.

2. Reading was a part of Cultural Encounters. When you read the books you were asked to think about your reading. What did you learn about your reading while doing this?
What I learned about the books were that the carpenters were they didn't have enough place's to build houses so we had to move to the "new world" and made more house's and build things made out of wood.

3. Did the journal entries help you to better understand your character? Why or why not? Explain in detail.
It helped me learn my character better because I learned why they had to move to the new world.It also helped me as a carpenter you need to make houses and there very important to people.

4. What was the best part of your presentation? How could it have been improved?
The best part of the presentation was when we were asking faven for nails.I could improve that because when I said it I was very quite and my group could have made more props to make it interesting.

5. What was the biggest learning you gained from this unit? Explain with details.
The biggest thing I learned from this unit was how the colony and Native Americans got along with each other.I also learned that they found land.

My Life As A Carpenter

My name is Claire and I am 20 right now I am sitting on the dock feeling that the new world will be better then the old world some questions are that what if we go to a different place,another thing my character is that she is homesick of where she was born????They are moving because there is a very strong disease in same way we did we had to find a way that we could start talking to them.We also learned new way to speak to them,act, and even think! what I had brought with me was two trunks my occupation tools were a saw,hammer,and screw driver.

When the first month I was sitting in on the deck of the boat I was really scared.There was a lot of questions in my mind.Some events that happened to me on board was that I was a little sick of the boat and I was also really home sick.The food I ate in board was really bad,we only ate two meals a day because we needed to give some to other people who were going to the New World.The ship had been in many different shapes we didn't have any showers and the boat kept on shaking.Alot of people didn't make it there.The ship had been in many diffrent storms the boat kept moving the whole time,they were very big and strong. My hopes are that we will make it to the "New World" Some of my fears are that my family and I will make it to the "New World"And that we will all be healthy and safe.

I am thinking what will happen when I'm on board ? ,What will I do when we get to the "New World"?, What will we all eat on the ship? When I am sitting on the ship for the last month I am really glad that we don't need to worry about the rocking boat anymore,and I am also really glad that we don't need to worry about the food and the sickness anymore.I am not that happy when I get of the boat and see all this Because were we lived had a different culture,another thing is that will they give us some food? I don't feel very good about my decision so much because when I got there we didn't have alot of money.So I was a carpenter.My dreams are that they will at least give us some food sometimes because everything cost so much money!It was winter and I needed some food and some clothes to have warmth in.
The conditions that I lived in was bad.we didn't have enough food to eat over the winter many people didn't make the condition right now is good.The conditions in the colony is better then my home back in England.The food we eat there is pretty good and everybody is good we eat deers and other things that the farmers planted.Some of the things we faced were that the Native Americans were really mean to us so we had to kinda sneak out of our fort.I have been happy about my carpenter work the few days.I am trying to sell thing so that my family can have a great yummy feast at dinner.

The conditions had changed the last 2 weeks.No I wouldn't want to go back to England,because they treated us really badly and we had a choice,if we wanted to go to jail or the new world? Some new problems are that occurring in the colony is that the Native Indians are not giving us some food and we need them because we are really starving for food.we need to get food for the winter.some problems are that my colonists are having a hard time to communicant with the Native Indians If we say that we want them to help they might think that we just want to not make peace with them .

My colony is better because we have meetings in the town hall now.We all have a job that we needed to do for some people the jobs for them are farming,copper,shoe maker and other jobs.I'm a Carpenter.I found success in my occupation because people came to me and said if they wanted to trade fur,leather,or something else,I would give them something that is already made out of wood like a bird house.We all worked together on the farm,we ate little by little everyday for the winter so we can save enough food.The Native Indians are not bothering us a lot.

A New Kind Of Freedom Questions

1.What convinced Johann to go to America?
What convinved Johann is that he had gotten 450 acres and it was alot of land for them to grow crops and have a bigger house to live in.

2.How did he feel about the decision later?
He felt glad that he made the decision because he got 450 acres and he coulld have more food to eat.There is also a water in the river there.

Mollys Dream Questions

1.Mollys dream was to have a live with her brother Willy in a house at the end of the small village in Gorwich with dog, ducks, and a pond outside there house.

2.what Molly needed to make her dream come true is to finish her indentured servent and live with her brother in the edge of the village Gorwich and have a pond, dog, and ducks.

BrainPop Why Do People Move?

People move because they are poor or there are more space in America, the Africans were forsed to be slaves. Another reason is because they may want better shelter sometimes.Sometimes people move because of jobs,like your job has to be in a diffrent country or state.Another reason i found out was that they move because there ancestors had live some where else so they also want to move.

Essential Questions

1. why do people move? People move , because they are poor and they want better shelter and food or they want to buy things like furniture,another reason is that maybe they want to try a different place to live not the same place.Another thing is that they want to have try speaking a different language.

2. what do we do when other people don't act,think, or speak the same way we do? Well I think people should translate the meaning of the language. When people don't act the same way I think it's because of the country or the state for example Americans eat different food then the Cantonese we eat dim-sum and they eat hamburgers and french fries.