Cultural Encounter Reflection

1. What was one thing you learned from the simulations we played in class? How did this help you understand the essential questions better?When the king(Mr.Daw) Asked us if we wanted to join his kingdom we all said"NO"Because we had to give him the supplies when he didn't have it.One thing I learned from people move because they have to get enough water,food,and shelter.This helped me understand the essential questions because I know that the people have to move and have great shelter.

2. Reading was a part of Cultural Encounters. When you read the books you were asked to think about your reading. What did you learn about your reading while doing this?
What I learned about the books were that the carpenters were they didn't have enough place's to build houses so we had to move to the "new world" and made more house's and build things made out of wood.

3. Did the journal entries help you to better understand your character? Why or why not? Explain in detail.
It helped me learn my character better because I learned why they had to move to the new world.It also helped me as a carpenter you need to make houses and there very important to people.

4. What was the best part of your presentation? How could it have been improved?
The best part of the presentation was when we were asking faven for nails.I could improve that because when I said it I was very quite and my group could have made more props to make it interesting.

5. What was the biggest learning you gained from this unit? Explain with details.
The biggest thing I learned from this unit was how the colony and Native Americans got along with each other.I also learned that they found land.

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